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The second statement of Zadeno Trio’s discography is entitled “The Step Forward”, a mature and ambitious work that explores new horizons in the sound of the band. 10 original compositions, written by all the members, to draw a new path in the music of the trio. From the swinging blues “An Affair”, to the modern “H244”, ending with the quasi-chamber music “Is That You?”, several styles are used to underline the versatility of Zadeno Trio’s music.

Besides tenor sax, bass, and drums, also soprano sax and bass clarinet are included in “The Step Forward”, enriching the sound and the harmonic and melodic possibilities of the band.


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“Holes in the Ground” is the debut album from Zadeno Trio. Released in February 2016 with “Emme Record Label”, it consists of all original compositions – except “The Flipside” by Jaleel Shaw – producing a multi-colored and multi-stylistic overall sound. This CD, who was positively acclaimed by jazz reviewers, musicians, and jazz lovers, is the product of the first two years of work together from the trio.

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I listened to Zadeno Trio’s 1st CD and I was really impressed. A real jazz cd is something you do not hear too often nowadays. I think you guys are combining elements from giants like Dexter Gordon, John Coltrane, and Sonny Rollins and nevertheless have your own sound. Great job!  – Tom Beetz, Jazz Journalist